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TH103 Telehandler
Hydraulic System
Item No.
Component Description
No. 1 No. 2
1 Front Steering Cylinder A1 -
2 Selector Valve (steering mode) A1 -
3 Rear Steering Cylinder A2 -
4 Compensating Cylinders A2 -
5 Valve (compensating cylinders) A6 -
6 Tilt Cylinder A6 -
7 Load Control Valve for Tilt Cylinder A7 -
8 Load Control Valve for Coupler Cylinder A7 -
9 Load Control Valve for Work Tool Cylinder (if equipped) A9 -
10 Work Tool Cylinder (if equipped) A10 -
11 Couplers (quick disconnect) B9 -
12 Control Valve for Access Platform (swivel) B11 -
13 Boom Cylinder (boom raise/lower) B3 -
14 Telescoping Cylinder (boom extend/retract) B4 -
15 Load Control Valve for Boom Cylinder B2 -
16 Load Control Valve for Telescoping Cylinder B4 -
17 Coupler Cylinder (quick coupler) C6 -
18 Diverter Valve C10 -
19 Hydraulic Motor for Access Platform (swivel) C11 -
20 Oil Filter C1 -
21 Bank Valve C2 B1
22 Valve for Quick Coupler (pins retract) C3 B2
23 Relief Valve (coupler tilt) C6 B6
24 Relief Valve (auxiliary services) C7 B7
25 Signal Relief Valve C8 C8
26 Regulator Valve C8 D8
27 Pressure Reducing Valve E2 E2
28 Inlet Section E2 E2
29 Implement Section (boom raise/lower) E5 E4
30 Implement section (boom extend/retract) E5 E5
31 Implement Section (coupler tilt) E6 E6
32 Impletment Section (auxiliary services) E6 E7
33 Implement Section (frame leveling) E7 E7
34 Stabilizer Control Valve E9 -
35 Load Control Valve for Frame Leveling Cylinder E10 -
36 Frame Leveling Cylinder E11 -
37 Load Control Valve for Stabilizer Cylinder E11 -
38 Control Valve E6 -
39 Solenoid Valves (pilot control system) E6 -
40 Solenoid Valve (unused) E8 -
41 Stabilizer Cylinder F10 -
42 Brake Cylinder (boost) F11 -
43 Metering Pump (steering) G1 -
44 Piston Pump G3 -
45 Joystick Control F11 F2
46 Hydraulic Tank H2 -
47 Brake Reservoir H8 -
48 Control Valve (access platform- if equipped) - E8
49 Solenoid Valve (boom lower) - F8
50 Solenoid Valve (boom raise) - F8
51 Solenoid Valve (boom retract) - F8
52 Solenoid Valve (boom extend) - G8
53 Solenoid Valve (boom speed) - G8
54 Solenoid Valve (on/off) - H8
55 Control Valve (lock out) - I4
Schematic Location
Component Location Table
Seperate schematics in this publication are identified as Schematic 1and Schematic 2. Components common to both
schematics have the same item number. In Schematic 2, some item numbers are shown in boxes at the end of some of
the hydraulic lines. This provides a reference to the component on Schematic 1 that connects to these lines. The
schematics have borders with grids to locate the components. Identify both the cross reference and the number on the
schematic from the following table.
Component Location Illustration
This publication shows the hydraulic system schmatics for machines equipped with the joystick film illustrated below. For full details of the control
arrangement refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU7371.
141-8438 Film (Boom Control). Installed on machines
equipped with a Type B control arrangement.
16 Page, NJJ

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