Control Valve – Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard SAES-L-008

Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard SAES-L-008 is titled Selection of Valves. Table I of this standard includes fluid and material compatibility guidelines. An excerpt from Table I is shown in Figure 16. Note that for each different environment, the table lists the recommended valve body and trim materials.

SAES-L-008 provides general guidance for material selection; however, the following should also be considered:
• Section 1 of SAES-L-008 limits the applicability of the standard to several types of on-off valves, block valves, and check valves; however, in most applications, the material recommendations that are included in SAES-L-008 do apply reasonably well to control valves.
• Table I of SAES-L-008 addresses corrosion concerns only, without regard for other requirements such as erosion resistance, strength, and other material properties.
• The standard occasionally recommends materials that are not available in the preferred valve constructions; therefore, available materials that are equivalent to the recommended materials must be identified. For example, SAES-L-008 typically lists the standard trim material as 410 stainless steel, while 416 is a standard trim material that is used by Fisher Controls. 416 is the free-machining equivalent to 410; i.e., sulfur is added for better machinability and finer finishes.

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