Hydraulic Meter-out Circuit

In the meter-out operation shown in Figure 6.39, the direction of the flow through the circuit is simply changed as can be made out from the diagram. It is the opposite of a meter-in operation as this change in direction will cause the fluid leaving the actuator to be metered. The advantage with the meter-out operation is that unlike in the case of meter-in operation, the cylinder here is prevented from overrunning and consequent cavitating.

One major problem confronting the meter-out operation is the intensification of pressure in the circuit which can in turn occur on account of a substantial differential area ratio between the piston and the rods. Pressure intensification occurs on the rod side when the meter-out operation is carried out without a load on the rod side of the cylinder and can result in failure of the rod seals. It is therefore seen that both the meter-in and meter-out operations have their relative advantages and disadvantages and only the application determines the type and nature of flow valve placement.

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