Komatsu PC01 – HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR – Recoil starter

a. Disassembly/reassembly

b. Recoil starter assembly
1) Insert the hook on the outer side of the spring into the groove inside the reel.

2) Pass the starter rope through the starter reel and tie it as shown. Wind the starter rope around the starter reel in direction of arrow. Leave approximately 30 cm (11.8 in) of the starter rope outside of the starter reel.

3) Install the starter reel on the starter case so that the spring inner hook is hooked to the case tab.

4) Hold the starter case and rotate the starter reel two revolutions in the direction of the arrow for preliminary winding.

5) Pass the starter rope end through the starter case rope guide and pull it outwards. Pass the starter rope through the starter grip and tie the rope as shown.

6) Install the ratchet with the spring and reel cover. Tighten the reel cover bolt.

7) Check the operation of the ratchet by pulling the starter rope several times.


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