Non-Separator Type Hydraulic Accumulator

The non-separator type consists of a fully enclosed shell containing an oil port at the bottom and the gas-charging valve at the top. The valve is confined to the top and the oil to the bottom of the shell. There is no physical separator between the gas and oil, and thus the gas pushes directly on the oil.

The main advantage of this type of accumulator is its ability to handle a large volume of oil. However, its disadvantage lies in the fact that the oil tends to absorb gas due to the lack of a separator. A cross-section of a non-separator type accumulator has been illustrated in Figure 7.16.


A gas-loaded accumulator must be installed vertically to keep the gas confined to the top of the accumulator. It is not recommended for use with high-speed pumps as the entrapped gas in the oil may cause cavitation and damage the pump. The absorption of gas in the oil also makes the oil compressible, resulting in spongy operation of the actuators.

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